Aluminum Paddle Boats

Our paddle boats are an economical and environmentally-friendly way to get out on the water!  There is no motor, only the quiet sound of the paddles on the water.  Be ready to be addicted to this boat and the peaceful sounds of nature.

We have two great models to choose from:  (click on either to go to that page) PK3000 or the PK4400.

PK3000 2-Person Paddle Boat
PK4400 4-Person Paddle Boat

Dimensions/Boat                                             PK 2000(discontinued in 2009)  /  PK3000  /  PK4400

Overall length x width
(from outside of tubes)
117″ x 64″ 141″ x 64″ 154″ x 83″
Length/Width of deck 47″ x 61″ 73″ x 61″ 97″ x 80″
Weight 165 LBS. 200 LBS. 340 LBS
Weight capacity 400 LBS. 520 LBS. 830 LBS.
People capacity 2 Persons 2 Persons 4 Persons
Distance between edge of seat and farthest point of pedal 27″ 27″ 27″
Width of boat from center of tube to center of tube (boat lift measurement) 51.5″ 51.5″ 70.5″
Seat width 43″ 43″ 43″
Tube thickness 50/52 Marine-grade aluminum .064 thickness 50/52 Marine-grade aluminum .064 thickness 50/52 Marine-grade aluminum .064 thickness
Pontoon diameter 12″ 12″ 12″

Paddleboat Features Include:

Comfortable Seats Adjustable seat backs accommodate people of different heights, making pedaling easier. Optional padded snap-on seat cushions make the seats more comfortable.
Easy Pedaling Double 6-bladed paddles facilitate greater speed and propulsion.
Responsive Steering Dual-rudder steering make turning quick and easy.
Non-slip Deck Color-coordinated marine carpet resists fading and wear and makes for sure-footed stepping on and off the boat.
Stable Our paddle boats were designed for maximum stability when the correct weight capacity is maintained.
Low Maintenance Self-draining floor – no bailing water! No motor to gas up or winterize!
Easy Docking Four mooring eyes (2 in front, 2 in back) make dock hook-up a breeze.
Durable Robotically welded to ensure consistent, durable welds. Rugged powder-coated front and rear pedal assemblies for long-lasting durability. Marine decking carries a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty against rot (click here for details). All materials chosen for durability.
Great Exercise A great way to add more exercise to your life, whether you are going for a fast, heart-pumping ride, or a quiet, relaxing cruise around the lake.
Safe Our paddleboats sit higher in the water than other paddle boats, making it more visible to other boaters.