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About Us

Paddle King had its humble beginning in a garage. At the time, Mark owned and operated a local boat retail and repair shop in a town called Butternut, Michigan. He had the vision and foresight to build a paddle boat to service this small but growing niche market. In 2001 Mark was able to sell the retail business and concentrate exclusively on Paddle King. His experience of over forty years in the marine industry gives him not only the understanding of boats and watercraft, but also of what customers and dealers need and expect from a marine product and manufacturer.  


Paddle King's growth has allowed us to improve production efficiency by integrating technology and improving facilities. We have wonderful employees who have been an integral part of our growth, not only by contributing suggestions that we have used, but by their hard work and dedication to improving the product and production.

Currently, Paddle King has a network of approximately sixty dealers in twenty states throughout the Midwest and New England states.  

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